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The start of each year often empowers most people to think about their life, their future and the choices they make.

With the upcoming months ahead of a new year, this presents an opportunity to make us think about recreating ourselves and improving various aspects of our life that are currently lacklustre.

But just going to the gym for a month and dropping off?

Or eating healthy for two weeks before a golden-brown cookie attracts your eye? Or saying you’ll become a morning person only to have one too many glasses of wine and hit snooze?

Ask any therapist or life coach and they’ll tell you the big secret to making a difference in anything you do is setting small, attainable goals that’ll last you throughout the year, not just the first 31 days.

So how do we apply this advice on skin care? One easy way to check off that resolution box—without overhauling your entire routine at once—is to focus on one major change each month.

To help us with this task, we talked to top-rated dermatologists to get their insight into the best product to use for every month of the year.

While most of these skin care products are vital all year round, by taking one baby step each month, you’ll be more likely to keep your skin care promises for the long haul and wake up to a healthier, newer you each day!