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Accessories Collection – 100% Ramie Soft Face or Body Washer


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Ramie Cleansing Washer – 1 piece


Ramie is 100%  Plant Based Fibre which is strong & lasting – STAYS HYGIENIC FOR LONGER

Feel Fresher – Look & Feel Cleaner  
  • Ramie is Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Naturally Mould and Mildew resistant
  • Excellent for all skins
  • Most beneficial for problem skin as it is anti microorganisms
  • It is gentle on the skin
  • Feels like silk
  • Allows your cleansing products to go further
  • Allows your cleansing products to last longer
  • Ball like fits into the palm of your hand for easy washing

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A Must Have to allow your Cleanser to go further and last longer.

PRODUCT NAME  100% Ramie Soft Face or Body Washer

No. 1 for its Bacterial-resistant, naturally resistant to mould, mildew and other types of microorganisms attack. Ramie Ball is plant based feels excellent and silky to use all over your Face & Body. Allowing your cleansing products to go further and last longer.

We have added this 100% plant based soft cloth to our collection of Accessories it is 100% Eco-Friendly and does not require the use of pesticides or chemicals to grow. Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibres. It exhibits even greater strength when wet. It is brilliant for holding its shape. Plus it feels very silky to the skin.

Fits into the hand which make it very manageable for all over washing and spreading product, Ramie fibre is very durable and absorbs more than cotton giving you excellent application of cleansing products.

Dermal professional recommendation of application, use:  Wet Ramie Ball and rub a small amount of cleanser or one of our 100% natural cleansing bars. If the cleanser is a foaming base the Ramie Ball will froth the cleanser up even more allowing your cleanser to last and go further all over your body.

Extended comprehensive professional product information, with easy to follow instructions, are delivered with each product. This allows you to experience and appreciate the professional integrity of our collections.

Added information: Ramie is a flowering plant in the nettle family Urticaceae, native to eastern Asia.  Also used to make such products as industrial sewing thread, packing materials, fishing nets etc.

This information is given to you by Professional Dermal Specialists, hoping you have found this educational and inspiring to live with greater skin health. Look Great and feel fantastic!

Our Dermal Specialists are using pioneering technology, delivering distinctive, one of a kind formulation standard, to deliver active products, to take action for greater skin health. With specific vision and focus, our formulations allow us to meet individual needs for gaining excellent skin wellness, and keep the skin healthier, smoother, clearer and de-aged.


This enables Dermal Specialists, Aestheticians, Professional Clinics, Dermal Technicians, Hospital Occupational Therapists and our customers to reach and experience professional treatment results!  Wear your skin with greater confidence! Blitz the imperfections. Feel + see the difference with our, highest quality ingredients from all over the world with an Australian focus, plus, peptides, vitamins, organic + natural botanical and endless complex ingredients, in which we formulate complex collections + help for more serious skin condition, in which we formulate cosmeceuticals! Your skin will take on a brand-new appearance. Get excited, because you are going to experience change for a more youthful supple even toned skin.


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