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Melting Wrinkles – Night Cleanser – Large 180ml – Lasts 3 months +


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180ml/ 6.09oz

Look Fabulous for your special day!

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Calms irritated skin
  • Deep cleanse
  • Your skin feels baby soft
  • Leaves your skin brilliantly refreshed


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Women, Maturing & Older Women

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Skin Conditions

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Most skins


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Melting Wrinkles collection is a “Brides dream “the must have” for all Brides to look seriously their best and flawless on one of the most important days you will ever experience.

If you need a long over due focus on your skin, this is the collection to help PLUMP – LIFT – TONE – SMOOTH & SOOTHE while blitzing the appearance of deeper and fine lines. Your skin will feel fabulously smoothed and contoured to look your very best for your special day. This collection is specifically for a ‘SKIN FIX MAKEOVER’ with visual results, that everyone will notice delivering within days and progressively getting smoother and smoother.
The active ingredients in this collection deliver amazing results!

The tetrapeptide we use

Fights sagginess by enhancing key elements to the assembly of elastin and several collagens and over expressing genes involved in cellular adhesion.

Mechanism of Action

It induces the expression of proteins Fibulin 5 and Lysyl Oxidase-Like 1, contributing to the organisation of elastic fibre and upregulates key genes to cellular cohesion through focal adhesions (talin, zyxin, integrins). Moreover, it induces the synthesis of elastin and collagen 1.

Cosmetic Benefits

The dermis is significantly more structured and firmer, so it is better at resisting the effects of aging, thus improving the quality of mature skin.Natural / Derived natural  We use An Octapeptide in which you can express express yourself at ease. Octapeptide that reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions, being a topical alternative to injections.

Mechanism of action

This new analogue of N-terminal SNAP – 25, which follows the revolutionary ARGIRELINE Peptide, competes with natural proteins to be positioned in the SNARE Complex, which is destabilised. As a result, it reduces neuronal excitability and, therefore, muscle contraction.

Cosmetic Benefits

By reducing muscle contractions, wrinkle depth is reduced up to 63% in one month of treatment. Fine lines and expression wrinkles fade, and the face look smoother. Halal active ingredient Natural/ Derived natural ingredient

A pacifier for reactive skin, an Advanced Botanical

Extract of the mushrooms Cordyceps sinensis and Trametes, versicolor, used since antiquity, helping to relieve overly reactive skin.

Mechanism of action

Selectively reduces COX – 2 gene expression, which controls the synthesis of inflammatory mediators.

Cosmetic Benefits

Aiding in reducing redness (33.9%) and flakiness (38.3 induced by UV exposure as well as the reactivity of skin to irritants such as methyl nicotinate (160%). Moreover, helping to pacify reactive skin with 94.4% reduction in the number of adverse events after 1 month.

While waiting for the next injection

It fights expression wrinkles by modulating muscle contraction in the pre-synaptic pathway and is specially addressed to topical formulations claiming to complement the injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A for enhanced anti-aging results. Recently awarded with bronze at In-Cosmetics in Hamburg.

Mechanism of action

It targets two fundamental factors for relaxing muscle contraction and thus attenuating expression wrinkles: reduction of Acetylcholine release while blocking the entrance from calcium ion.

Cosmetic Benefits

Almost 3 times greater wrinkle reductions when the injection of Botulinum Toxin Type A was complemented with the peptide cream, compared to placebo. Noticeable effect even after 6 months, the recommended time between sessions.*Natural / Derived natural ingredient

Takes out the thread of redness

This tetrapeptide reduces redness of face caused by an inflammatory reaction.

Mechanism of action

It inhibits the inflammatory effect of LL-37 through reducing the release of interleukins (IL-6 and IL-8), caused by overactivation of LL-37. It also has a photoprotective effect that reduces cell damage and the harmful effects of skin inflammation.

Cosmetic Benefits

Adverse effects of inflammation: redness, dilated blood vessels and hyperpigmentation, are visibly reduced. The red areas are less numerous and large and its intensity is weakened. The skin is more uniform and less marked.*Natural / Derived natural ingredient

Double cellular activity to firm the skin

This hexapeptide mimics a sequence of laminin, promoting cell adhesion as well as cell proliferation.

Mechanism of action

This pro-firmness ingredient acts in both keratinocytes and fibroblasts. It increases the production of laminin-5, α6-integrin and hemidesmosomes, thus strengthening the dermal-epidermal junction.

Cosmetic Benefits

The skin is restructured, replenished (+19% of skin density after 2 months), firmer and more elastic, recovering its fullness.

Your skin will experience the great visual appearance of looking firmer lifted and smoother, You could not ask for more, this collection is for the most important day of your life. Bridal Party or the Brides Mother, ‘look out’. You cannot do without this collection it is remarkable on all levels, your skin will experience, revived softness with the feeling of renewed firmness, with a visual wrinkle blitz! Delivers the true focus of allowing your skin to be the best canvas ever for your make-up to look perfect.

This collections bio technology focus, delivers the ‘SKIN FIX MAKEOVER’ for Brides. This special results driven skin boost makeover takes active care to optimise skin texture, allowing Brides skin to be at its best to look healthy & glowing. All the focus is on what the bride looks like with total impact to her every detail. Skin health deserves excellence for this day of a lifetime. The one day a Bride takes to the stage this ‘SKIN FIX MAKEOVER’ will allow the skin to look fantastically refreshing.

Look fresh, revitalised with smoother plumper skin this collection will blitz fine lines & wrinkles focusing on the end result of having a beautified skin with the greatest impact to look beautiful with a flawless glow of renewed youthful hydrated skin to be envied. Enjoy!

Dermal Professional Recommendation of application use apply: Dampen skin work a 20 cents size of cleanser gently into pores in a circular movement, This cleanser is best used after work or in the evening we recommend a double cleanse to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Rinse with warm water + pat skin dry. apply night concentrate or serum if your skin needs that little extra apply the cream complex, leaving the skin feeling fabulous. do not forget your eye cream it is vital eye cream is recommended to be used daily- eyes  show the first signs of ageing our eye masques are also brilliant, we have hydrating eye masques plus eye masques for puffiness + dark circles.

Extended comprehensive professional product information, with easy to follow instructions, are delivered with each product. This allows you to experience and appreciate the professional integrity of our collections.

This information is given to you by Professional Dermal Specialists, hoping you have found this educational and inspiring to live with greater skin health. Look Great and feel fantastic!\

Our Dermal Specialists are using pioneering technology, delivering distinctive, one of a kind formulation standards, to deliver active products, to take action for greater skin health. With specific vision and focus, our formulations allow us to meet individual needs for gaining excellent skin wellness, and keep the skin healthier, smoother, clearer and de-aged.


This enables Dermal Specialists, Aestheticians, Professional Clinics, Dermal Technicians, Hospital Occupational Therapists and our customers to reach and experience professional treatment results!  Wear your skin with greater confidence! Blitz the imperfections. Feel + see the difference with our, highest quality ingredients from all over the world with an Australian focus, plus, peptides, vitamins, organic + natural botanical and endless complex ingredients, in which we formulate complex collections + help for more serious skin condition, in which we formulate cosmeceuticals! Your skin will take on a brand-new appearance. Get excited, because you are going to experience change for a more youthful supple even toned skin.

Professional advice is given with all our products to allow you to experience professional results. Our passion and professionalism is to: FIX SKIN, FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE RENEWED SKIN HEALTH AND WEAR YOUR SKIN WITH REVIVED CONFIDENCE.

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