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Hero-Sensitive Skin Serum-20ml Bottle, Dropper & Box FINAL

YOUR HERO for Inflammed Sensative and Red skin


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Serum 20ml – Your Hero Active Serum Concentrate


This active serum concentrated formula includes Vitamin E, Pure Hyaluronic Acid Calming and Soothing Peptides, specifically for Sensitive and Super Sensitive skin including Rosacea. The calming, soothing, and cooling properties correct redness immediately leaving the skin looking calmer, hydrated with renewed softness. Suitable for all ages with these tell tale signs of imbalance within. Redness usually infers that the surface of the skins acid mantle or protective barrier has been impaired due to to ill health or environmental influences. This serum will soothe on contact with skins surface restoring balance and minimising irritation.

Amazingly active results, to desensitise reactive skin. Upon application, redness subsides within hours and progressively day by day. Irritated skin feels less tight and more supple, soothed, cooled and rebalanced. Proven to soothe delicate skin and balanced the colour of the skin with a visible difference within 24 hours.

A complimentary cleanser and moisturising cream complex are available to optimise and continually keep skin calm and desensitised minimising reddened skin for a calmer and healthier outcome.

Recommended use is twice daily 3 to 4 drops all over impacted area.



or 4 fortnightly payments of $24.58 with Afterpay More info

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Immediately takes action to soothe and calm skin instantly on application

Anti – Red Serum Concentrate does exactly what it says the redness subsides within hours then progressively day by day, it is loyal to itself on all levels of calming soothing and cooling which all leads to desensitising the skin. We recommend using this serum for a few months keeping reactive skin at bay.

With this Your Hero collection it is the go to for many skin conditions and delivers results. We are professionals delivering formulations that deliver results for salon treatments and our clients.   If you have any queries in regards to the condition of your skin we do have a service where you upload you face image and we will report back to you on the best thing to do to get optimum results for your individual needs.

We recommend Anti – Red Serum Concentrate is a applied morning and evening to a clean skin using only 3 – 4 drops then applying your anti red cream over the top enjoy you will be thrilled and amazed at the results within hours.

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