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COLD SORES COLLECTION - 100% NATURAL - Instant Cold Sore Relief - Stop the Cold Sore in its tracks - Naturally Shrinks the Blister QUICK - Prevent Transferring of Your Cold Sore


Prevent Transferring Your Cold Sore 

This professional Cold Sore fix formula is 100% natural with a result driven action. A Cold Sore is medically referred to as (herpes simplex type (HSV-1), once you have the herpes simplex virus you have it forever, as it is never completely cured. It often stays dormant in the nerve cells and rears it head usually when the body is under different forms of stress. In some cases sun exposure can be a problem for developing Cold Sores.. Cold Sores normally activate around the mouth, nose and sometimes on the chin.

Prevent your cold sore from touching anyone else’s skin, as this virus is exceptionally contagious, especially when the skin is red and itchy and blistering.

In 2016 sadly a mother unaware she had a Cold Sore kissed her very young baby only to find out that her baby had been given the virus and ended up with brain damage.

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