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COMBINATION SKIN COLLECTION - DRY WITH OILY T ZONE - Rid Imperfections-Skin Balance Performance-Promotes Clearer Skin-Provides Antibacterial Skin Balance-Keeps Skin Soft Supple & No Blackheads


See Clearer Skin ! Provides Antibacterial skin Balance 

Keeps Skin Soft Supple & Uncongested  

We specialize in Dermal Therapy results to promote skin health on all levels & with combination skin it is vital to bring about balance for greater skin health.

Combination skin collection delivers professional treatment results, balancing skin in transition by reducing blemishes, blackheads + lumpiness while soothing + gaining optimum refreshing hydration + skin health results with renewed texture

feel + see the difference with skin focus ingredients! your skin will take on a brand new appearance. get excited because you are going to experience change

This collection is designed for all of those skins that have oily and dry area on their skin, which is 70% of people, combination collection delivers skin balance, to help rid imperfections of the skin including blemishes and blackheads. Skin balance includes delivering correct levels of hydration to keep the skin soft supple and uncongested. We specialize in the vital areas within this skin type with professional products that are non-comedogenic, non-drying, and anti-bacterial which will, leave the skin cleaner, clearer and balanced with a healthier skin texture. Combination skin has the characteristics of having oily and dry areas, with the T-zone normally being oily with larger pores and the cheeks outer areas of the face can become quite dry so to create a greater balance to the skin is vital for improved skin texture, while at the same time keeping the skin soft to prevent lines and wrinkles and keeping them to a minimum. As dermal professionals, we are passionate about bringing reformed balance to the skin to deliver better skin health to helping fix skins, clear skin, reduce scarring, create skin balance, reduce blemishes, rid blackheads, rid dull skin of dead cell, give renewed vitality for skin health




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