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Detox Face and Body


Restore & Recharge Your Skin

Step Up! Your Skin Health ‘LOOK’ Refreshed With A New Vibe!

Wear The ‘LOOK’ of Smoother Skin ‘LOOK’ vibrant

Detox Face & Body is Designed for people who have been indulging in too much of the not so good stuff for the body & skin. Detox your skin for a smoother healthier skin appearance & texture.

Detox face & body helps alleviate toxins from skin, results are focus specific using the marine therapy, antioxidants & peptides. These active products, instantly deliver action to improve your skin vitality & Skin Health. Bringing the skin into refreshed balance allows the skin to look & feel amazing, with ongoing development of skin restoration that looks healthier, more alive & vibrant, with renewed softness with revived smoothness & skin tone (colour)

This collection has been designed to deliver results for people with toxic & uneven skin texture. When toxins become overloaded within the body, the toxins in many cases purge through to the skins surface & present, as lumps, bumps, hives or a rash on the skins surface. Detox the skin for ‘Skin Health.’ Excellent for people who have or had poor dietary habits that have impacted on their skin, Ex-Smokers – Smokers – Ex Drinkers – Drinkers. Toxic Skin normally has Lumps & Bumps, looking quite rugged- can look grey – sallow – or red – can have a textured rash with many different appearances

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