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LIGHTENING DYNAMICS COLLECTION - Has the ‘Total Focus to whiten, lighten & brighten skin for renewed paler Colour Balance’ delivers A Super Vibrant Complexion' & skin health


Your Light Beam for Even Skin Colour

Celebrate Skin Radiance

Enjoy Opulent Balance

Brighter Skin – Looks Alive & Camera ready


LIGHTENING DYNAMICS SKIN BRIGHTEN WHITENING & LIGHTEN SKIN RESTORATION Has the ‘Total Focus to bringing your skin to renewed life & regenerate Colour Balance’ This colour balance actions your skin to look re-energized projecting renewed translucency & luminosity for a healthier skin radiance. Look Vibrant!  Look Revived!

Presented within this collection is a choice for Normal to dry skin plus a choice for Combination skin. enjoy!

‘A Super Vibrant Complexion’ looks refreshed, presents even skin colour balance & exudes skin healthiness. This collection is designed to keeping skin even in colour tone & keeping Skin Healthy. Skin Health is Vital, experience renewed skin luminosity which enhances skin health, skin will look more transparent radiant with opulent balance + skin tone.

Skin that is environmentally damaged from sun exposure that now has prominent dark pigmented blotches & Sun Spots the collection you need is Laser Lightening for two age groups that specializes in correcting pigmented skin. enjoy! your refreshed skin profile.

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