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What is your favorite scent? Perhaps it’s roasted coffee from your local spot or the salty air of the ocean.

Maybe it’s sugar cookies made from your grandmother’s recipe or the fresh aroma of clean laundry. Everyone has a list of their adored fragrances and an even bigger list of associated memories.

That’s because smell is the most evocative of all of our senses, which means that even if you haven’t experienced a certain scent for decades, smelling it again can take you back in time.

Given its power, a personal fragrance is an essential element of the impression we make.

Happily, the industry has evolved from mostly florals and musks to include everything from sensual jasmine to citrus to the comfortingly familiar scent of freshly cut grass.

That means you have lots to choose from while you curate your unique bouquet.

At International Skin Specific, we offer a variety of perfume, cologne and body spray as well as fragrances for your home.