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Jane Fransman
CEO International Skin Specific

Salon-Level Skin Care Treatments at Home

At International Skin Specific our Dermal Specialists and Skin Care Professionals work tirelessly to bring the skin care industry forward. We believe our industry to be in a deep crisis. — So many skin care manufactures today forget to take account for different skin types and individual skin conditions to put out products that; “work for all skin types.”

But your skin type is important! And so are your specific skin conditions!

If you visit a professional skin care salon or dermatologist, they will start by making a thorough assessment of the condition of your skin. And based on the specific state and type of your skin they will provide you with a personalised treatment uniquely for your skin.

Why deprive yourself of salon experience and salon level results at home?

This is the experience you get with our unique service. We assess your skin type, its current condition and your skin care needs. That way your skin get exactly the professional treatment it needs to get the best results. Our skin care specialists have developed a questionnaire that allows us to perform an in-depth analysis of your skin care situation. And deliver you a treatment custom tailored for you.

And the best part is… That because all you have to do is upload a selfie and your answers to our questionnaire, we can perform your personal skin analysis completely for FREE! Saving you the $150.00 consultation fee that salons charge you for the same service!


Everything you need to know about skin care products:

Active Ingredients and Dosage

With more than 30 years of experience in the skin care industry we know a thing or two about your skins health and wellbeing.

The quality of Skin Care Products and whether they will give you the visible results your are looking for, depends on two things; which active ingredients they contain, and the percentage, or dosage, of those ingredients in the products.

Many skin care manufacturers choose to add small amounts of active ingredients with proven effects on wrinkles, acne, dryness, black spots, etc., just to be able to advertise those ingredients and their effects on the packaging. But if the product doesn’t contain the active ingredients in sufficient doses, they will NOT have the desire effect on your skin.

That’s why our CEO, head formulator and head of research, Jane Fransman, work closely with internationally recognised scientists to base our formulas on cutting edge, scientific results.

Our skin care formulas goes through intense testing to make sure that we use the active ingredients in the exact percentages that will give you the results only genuine active skin care can provide.

A history of innovating skin care formulas

In 2004 we founded ’Your Skin Solutions International’ offering just 10 collections of skin care products. But despite our humble beginning we quickly got noticed for the results our formulas delivered our clients.

Our founder and head formulator had close to 20 years of passion of dedication within the skin care industry, specialising on chronic skin conditions, skin health and wellbeing. And it was upon this dermatological insight that we created our First Ground-breaking Formulas.

In 2006 a Japanese company wanted to buy our formulas for Psoriasis, but we said NO. We already then knew that these formulas were worth much more than their offer.

In 2008 we changed our name to International Skin Specific. Since we have developed our formulas much further; now offering a stacking 50 Collections of Professional-Grade Dermatological Products. The diversity of our skin care range allows us to personalise unique skin care regimes for our individual customers.

Our formulas have been used extensively by Skin Clinics and Trained Professionals throughout the industry. And have become world renowned for delivering results, as well as assisting and correcting complex skin conditions, including Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, and Acne.

About our Founder

Founder and CEO of International Skin Specific, Jane Fransman, has a long career as an expert in the skin care industry behind her. A career that stretches back almost 20 years before founding her own skin care company.

She has owned several Dermal Clinics and knows what’s expected from professional skin care clinics better than anyone.

– Lectured skin care professionals on Physiology, Anatomy, Skin Biology, Chemistry, Cosmetic Chemistry and Dermal Treatments just to mention a few.

And trained dermal professionals in accurately diagnosing skin conditions and advising on the optimal dermatological treatment.

Her training has helped skin care professionals understand the effect of active ingredients on specific skin issues and countless complex skin conditions. And trained experts in how to ensure that the skin receives the correct dosage and delivery for the best results and outcome.

High Quality Active Ingredients are at the heart of our skin care formulas. That’s why we believe that the people who provide these raw ingredients deserve fair working conditions and a fair price for their work:

International Skin Specific proudly supports Fair Trade Practises.

We support Fair Trade Practices and we believe everyone in this world should live a happy healthy and prosperous life and be fulfilled as a human being.

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