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Hero-Dry Red Scaly Platelets Serum-20ml Bottle, Dropper & Box FINAL

YOUR HERO for Scaly Red Dry Skin Condition


or 4 fortnightly payments of $19.75 with Afterpay More info

Serum 20ml – Your Hero Active Serum Concentrate to minimise Psorisis


UNIQUE as skin with this condition must be treated naturally. This serum contains 100% all natural ingredients with its own unique natural fragrance that will not cause adverse reactions. This reactive skin condition known to be from internal origins can be topically treated to minimise the severity of the condition. This  serum will minimise the red scaly dry skin that denoted this condition.  pleasant smelling topical application targets skin problems resembling bright red scaly patches. Tell tale red patches can appear on the legs, arms, scalp hair line or body they are, irritating, uncomfortable, painful and often socially embarrassing for the individual. Suitable for all skin types that suffer with this skin condition.

This serum is very active and reduces the red scaly platelets by 2-3cm within days. The red round welts fade and diminish as this formulation delivers impact with hyalauronic acid rich in vitamins & botanicals which specifically minimises the impact of inflammation and stress on the skin. Use of this serum results in softer skin, revived skin texture with improved skin health.

A specific cleanser and moisturising cream complex are essential partners to minimise the  red welts, optimise skin health. Skin is nourished with moisture less scaly and aggressed showing less redness day after day with regular use.

For best results it is recommended to be applied 2-4 times a day and overnight.



or 4 fortnightly payments of $19.75 with Afterpay More info

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This Serum Concentrate Seriously relieves Bright Red & Scaly Dry Skin Patches and is 100% natural. Specific formulation for LEGS, ARMS, BODY & SCALP HAIR LINE. You no longer have to put up with the Tar smells and everything else a lot of you have been through over the years.

At Your Skin Solutions International NOW International Skin Specific this was the first formulation our Head Formulator ever set about bringing to life. Delivering with much passion and dedication this Serum was born and proven to be a success for this skin condition that creates 2 – 3 centimetre bright red patches on the legs, arms and body which are often scaly, irritating and can deliver some discomfort.This serum was first launched  in 2002 and nothing has advance this ”all natural topical application yet.”

If you would like to read the home page you will see some facts that have been amazing, in fact mind blowing.

This is truly our NO.1 Hero which gave us the passion to grow.

This specific serum is for “Bright Red Scaly Platelets” that are raised which are up to 3mm in diameter. This serum allows the platelets to fade in size and fade in redness giving people back the quality of life to be able to wear what they want, often self esteem lifts out of depression. Some people withdraw from society as they are so embarrassed with this skin condition.

This serum has worked on all aged skin. Some skin becomes so delicate from years of being on non natural topical creams and also after having years of light treatment results in thinning of the skin which gives teenagers the skin of a 90 year old skin and worse. We have seen it all.

This serum is designed to be applied 2 – 3 times a day and overnight we recommend you apply the cream complex over the top of the serum for optimum results. Most clients buy the wash as well so that nothing can aggravate the skin or weaken the efficacy of this serum.

Note if you have large areas of platelets this serum will work amazingly within days you will be able to see change and within weeks you will be wearing dresses and shorts for men that have been too embarrassing to do so prior.

Note: This serum does NOT 

take action where lesions have completely taken over the whole knees and elbows but we do have other products that will help with these area including a specific formulation for a bath soak.

Shampoo and Condition for people who have Red scaly patches in their scalp and around hairline

Plus an all over wash that is highly recommended.

We do not have the policy of buy buy buy. It is not about get this, and buy that, it is the fact that you can buy something that has been proven to work and deliver results and then you go and wash in a cheap body wash or soap that aggravates your condition making the good professional formulations void or diminish there action.

We are Dermal Professionals here to try and bring skin conditions to a minimum and if possible diminish many problems to a tolerable level especially when a skin problem is systemic and you can only try and bring it under a maintenance of control. 

We are not just about selling a pot of cream. We are professionals that care about your skin.

Many people are house bound for years due to total embarrassment from this skin condition.

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