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Tweezers - All shapes & sizes - see under Accessories - LOOK WELL GROOMED & POLISHED FOR A CRISP LOOK - AND WELL FRAMED EYES

Stainless Steel Tweezer, look after them and they will last you a lifetime

Well framed eyes, takes no effort, keep your eyebrows tidy, with a defined line & your eyes will always POP AND BE NOTICED.

People notice when you keep yourself well groomed – it makes a STATEMENT of being SHARP

Pick the right type of Tweezers to suit your plucking style.

Pointed Tweezers: are designed for short hairs or stubbly hair, hairs that are hard to get out or stubborn course hairs.

Pointed Tweezers: are also excellent for getting out splinters.

The other types of Angled or Flat Tweezers come down to your individual preference. All of our Tweezers are of a professional standard made from high quality Stainless Steel that should last you a lifetime if you look after them.

Best advice is do not drop your Tweezers as you will damage the ends.

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